Our Exclusive Services

We provide a comprehensive set of services which has been made available keeping in view all the requirements and platforms for making a brand successful


Print & Electronic Media Advertising

We started our journey as an advertising agency in 2007 and soon we were amongst the top ad agencies of Pakistan. We provide Print and Electronic media services be it Print Ads, Outdoor Advertisements (streamers, banners), TVCs, Radio and so much more. Customer satisfaction has and will always be our first priority. We believe in partnering with our clients, understanding their needs and coming up with the best innovative designs to improve their business growth.

Media Buying And Planning

The most crucial and critical stage of advertising which requires staunch strategic approach along with effective implementation is media buying and planning. Our trained professionals have become proficient at this art with years of experience and are just the right individuals to understand your marketing needs and devise the perfect development methods to meet your goals and go even beyond them.

Marketing Strategies

Another substantial phase of advertising and marketing is ensuring the success of a project. It requires calculated strategies and to build those, you need a vibrant agency like Kixar.int because we have the experienced set of individuals who have complete grasp over building the respective strategies.

BTL Advertising

In this age of fast communication, the traditional approach towards ATL & BTL has also taken a turn. New concepts, new strategies, everything is changing rapidly and in order to keep up with this ever changing world of advertising we have what it takes to soar your business to the heights you aspire for.

Digital Marketing

The sister Digital Media organization provides with the best services in digital marketing. It specializes in website development, Social media, community management, SEO, content development, order taking, customer services to client service and PR. We market your product by all these digital outlets in best innovative ways under the supervision of experienced personnel, making it reach through a larger audience.

Web & Mobile App Development

We provide the best IT solutions for your business. Website is the face of your brand, and our team is fully adept to create the best identity for your brand. We deliver our services in website development, mobile application development and e-commerce stores. Our team provides the best services in making your product reachable to maximum people by the means of mobile application or by creating e-commerce store to showcase your range of products.

Concepts & Content Creation

We are a one-stop solution to your marketing and advertising needs, having all the resources to match your requirements. We listen to you, understand your services and/or product, and endorse it like our own. Every step is taken keeping in mind your unique needs and our exceptionally creative minds design your concepts and produce the content.

In-House Designing

Cannot stress this point enough: we are a one-stop solution to all of your marketing and advertising needs! We have a team of professional designers who are creative, innovative, and the best of all reliable in terms of your products. Our design department has over 15 Graphic Designers who have demonstrated their creative skills over the years and earned respect, acclamation and awards from our clients. Apart from the advertisement campaigns, our 24/7 design studio has a tremendous history of event branding including designing of backdrops, streamers, standees, banners, brochures, performance reports, etc.

Animation Cell

What’s not possible in conventional videos, can be depicted using animations. It removes all bounds that might stop the NLEs in developing the designs according to the need of the clients. It is a creative outlet and we here at Kixar.int have a full-fledged animation cell to keep your business up and running.

Printing And POS Material

Point of Sale Materials always have had the direct and lasting impact on the consumers. Our screen and digital printing techniques have proved themselves in the advertising market many a times and our printing cell is equipped well to develop the POS material you require to endorse your company and/or brand.

Video Production, Direction & Editing

We are equipped with the latest videography technology and have worked with a number of reputable companies/brands to develop their ads and campaigns. We have in-house facilities and technical crew to undertake any assignment anywhere in Pakistan regarding photography and videography. We have our own Post-Production studio with a large archive, 10-member team of expert NLEs and Animators with a highly qualified Audio/Visual Director. We have In-House latest cameras, equipment and production facilities. We have our own drone cameras, still photographers and related equipment.

High Quality Thematic Photography

We provide full coverage of your events, product shoots, store outlets etc. Our professional photographers have the training and experience so they have what it takes to make your product look unique and stand out in the market.

Sales Promotion And Press Release

All kinds of sales promotions and press releases are carried out at Kixar.int. Our 360 degree grasp over advertising helps us understand every bit of marketing and the market itself so we know when and where to hit. One of the core deliverables under this is media management and coverage of the events. Kixar.int can state here with full conviction that no other agency can match us in this particular arena. Having a proud history of never been suspended by APNS or PBA and being the best paymasters in the market, Creative Junction is one of the few agencies that is accommodated by media houses in every possible way. We have a team of learned and experienced creative content writers to draft the press releases on behalf of our clients. We can accord conspicuous coverage to any event of our clients in both print and electronic media by ensuring publication of press releases and coverage reports. We submit post-coverage reports to our clients for their official perusal.