Networking Income Structure

These are subsidiary incomes to your ROI. Affiliate incomes are a prominent way to build your wealth at a rapid pace. It gives you an exceptional advantage of making funds using your networking skills and utilizing their sources of funds to avail extra benefits. Affiliate incomes can be earned in Some ways- Referral Income, Binary Income and lastly in the form of Bonus Milestone. These incomes are provided for ready withdrawal daily and at any given point of time, thus encouraging users to make a good share of it. Affiliate income helps a user to gain absolute knowledge of the platform and its functions enabling his efficient performance in financial growth. At Kixar for a more transparent and efficient growth, the rate of return for referral and binary are staged constantly for all the plans at up to for the latter. Affiliate incomes are associated with user growth providing users to have an unconditional advantage in making the most of this income. Build a network and reach new heights at Kixar and get the mutual advantage of income invested globally. Affiliate incomes are an active way to develop your financial skills and perform economically to outcome your budgetary issues and get a taste of financial freedom in this world.

Referal Income

Referral income refers to that part of income which can be claimed when a user under you invests on one's own account. It is the premium paid for your networking skills and services hosted. Such a premium is paid every time an investment is made by the user referred by you. To lay an impartial approach towards every user The Kixar has fixed the referral rate at Percentage irrespective of the plan you opt for. This gives every user an equal chance to match the rewards with his efforts and claim additional income growth. So for every user directly referred by you, you are entitled to Percentage Referral Income of the amount invested. There is no limit to the referrals that you can earn or people you can refer to.