Kixar coin distribution

Total Supply 50 Million

The tokens allocated to the partners, development team and Board of Advisors are subject to the Following lockup rules: liquidation of 20% once the token is launched in exchanges and 10% every two months.


Kixar Coin is built with a secure-scientific and well structured approach to working algorithm with important mechanisms and wide supporting features after an intense research done on economic, social and mathematical behavior of the cryptocurrency markets. Significant changes in the basic design language from the scratch with some secret mathematical inclusions resulted in high security against cyber-attacks and flaws which conceptually makes the Kixar Coin a perfect alternative to top cryptos in the market. Kixar Coin focus is on left out community of potential cryptocurrency cusĀ­tomers and engage them as an actively participating element with its futuristic and fast changing financial ecosystem.


Fully Secured Data

  • As Agreement Cannot be Modified. It is 100% Trusted
  • Provides Autonomy to Different Functions. Increase Efficiency by Removing Intermediary Players.
  • Offer a Safer Way to Manage Documents and Data.
  • Accurate Because of Transparency and Autonomy
  • Decentralized cryptocurrencies are empowering
  • us to rethink the financial system to upgrade the
  • world to something better, so that money can be
  • moved around quicker and secure.

Peer to Peer Transactions

  • All commissions are Distributed Real Time and Instantly without Involving any Third party.
  • Blockchain ensures every block and transaction it accepts is a valid, increasing not only your security but also helping prevent miners and banks from taking control of coins
  • Utilizing the power of the global community and the sharing economy to tear down the barriers and revolutionize the old and inefficient financial systems.